Sunday 8th October 2017


Event 7 - Zoltán Kodály - Life and Music

3.00pm - Marden House - Admission £8 (£6 Friends; £1 Child)

To mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Zoltán Kodály we welcome back husband and wife duo, Sarah (violin) and Dury (cello) Loveridge alongside Alta Ridgway (piano) to perform some of Kodály’s well-known chamber music, including the much-loved Adagio for Violin.  One of Kodály’s greatest legacies is his ideas and philosophy on music education and Sally Cathcart will bring the basic principles behind this approach to life in a short presentation through some practical activities – we will be singing, dancing and having lots of fun! Audience participation will definitely be part of the presentation with the aim of demonstrating how musicianship skills have to be the essential starting place for all instrumentalists and singers. A great concert for anyone who fancies some beautiful music or are interested and involved in music education.